Tipton Forge

a division of High Performance Alloys, Inc.

We are a leader in Superalloy Forging

Tipton Forge has been around since 1994, when the first piece of forging equipment was installed in Tipton. An open die press, Lake Erie 750 Ton, and a second GFM has been added since. An array of finishing operations are now offered, from peeling to grinding, as well as cutting. Forgings now represent almost half of the business for the parent company High Performance Alloys.

From the beginning of our parent company, High Performance Alloys Inc., quick shipments and custom requirements have been the cornerstone of our business. When others say "no way", we find a way. When you have a demanding requirement, or a tight delivery - you will be glad you called us.

Forging difficult alloys is a daily occurence. The GFM was installed to rotary forge Stellite. Stellite is one of the most difficult alloys to hot forge due to the high forging temperatures required and the low ductility it possess. In 2008 the forge press was starting to be utilized to forge Stellite ingots into billets and bars, enhancing our capability to react to changing market demands and further integrate our manufacturing capacity.

Custom and toll forging. Forging as a service

Toll forging for other companies has always been offered by High Performance Alloys. We have forged military grade Titanium grades, Zirconium, Tantalum, Nitinol and many other difficult grades. Our forgings go into nuclear plants, jet fighters, and marine exploration applications.

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