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We are now offering forgings made on our forge press. Forging allows for a wide array of mechanical properties. From annealed, precipitation hardened condition, to cold reduced, and the hot worked-as worked conditions. While the possibilities are endless, it depends on the material, and what we are starting with.

We are specializing in the production of bar stock, and other loose tolerance items. We do not perform closed die, or hammer type forgings. Quantities usually less than 2000 Lbs. allow us to produce a single bar or piece of the material and size that our customers require.


Rounds, rectangle bar, pancakes or upsets are produced with this hydraulic press. Basic dimensions controlling customer product are limited by die size, and handling capabilities. The widest possible on the press is 24 inches. Stroke length is 36 inches. Several material handling devices carry product from 20 lbs to 3000 lbs.


Here is a good glossary of forging terms.

If you have never purchased a forging before, here is a good document covering how to purchase forgings.


Advantages Include:

  • Process small to medium lots of materials, excellent for prototype, research, and other small quantity requirements.
  • Producing round, square and rectangular bar, as well as performing upsets and processing of ingot to billets.
  • HPA can move fast to help customers achieve results, and get their material as quick as possible.
  • Convert customers slow moving inventory items into useful sizes, or lengths.
  • Re-work material to achieve proper material property requirements. Through hot working, many materials can be forged to optimize properties by orientating grain, refining grain, or post forging heat treatments.


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